The concept of the Sakura Garden Guest House operation is to create the place of cultural exchange and sympathy through the urban green holding in common enjoyments fellow chikyujin (earth people). Mr .Shuji Koshikawa the house owner who is a landscape architect and a leading man in the field of community gardens in Japan had studied urban planning at New York University and has hobbies jazz drumming and tap dancing etc. Therefore, Sakura Garden Guest House is not regardless of age, sex, race, religion to tenants if it is possible to communicate by English. We think that we want to give the priority to foreigners who are difficult to seek their rooms in Japan.

  Sakura means the cherry blossoms. It is a symbol of Japan and an own Japanese mind. Sakura has flowers of light pink and it blooms in the early to middle of April. Sakura has been loved and intimated by the Japanese for a long time. Sakura gets the meaning for the departure of life and has been a favorite theme used by poets, singers and painters. Many people who come to all parks with Sakura hold cherry blossom viewing parties under the trees (we say HANAMI ) and enjoy a day of spring drinking, eating, dancing and laughing.
越川秀治 -Shuji Koshikawa   アトリエ土里夢 -みどりいっぱい「里山ガーデン」を作る
Japanese Lesson & Walking Tour   ゲストハウス国際交流協会
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Last update 5/22/2018
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We had a garden party and jam session time with Jazz musician mates and young French artists.
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